Get More Support and S#@t Done For Your Business In 2 Days

Then You Have In 6 Months

without the bad marketing advice, tech headaches, countless hours of struggle and wasted money on tools

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YES PLEASE! Tell me more...

Do you want to finally complete that workshop sales page, new podcast intro or email sequence you started last year?

Then this is for you.

1 Project

2 Content Creation Experts

2 Days

Professional Studio Interview

Green Screen Photos

Mastermind Dinner

VIP Experience

Content Creation, Scripts, Emails, Sales Page, Affiliate Dashboard

Your Project.... DONE

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Templates and Scripts

Strategy & Coaching Support

Fast Content Creation

Fresh Photos and Pro Interview

Every time you sit down to write the email sequence you get distracted or you're not sure what to write. I get it, it was happening to me too and it's not until you carve out two days, unschedule all your client calls that you will make any progress at all.

That progress will only get you so far, then loading in the emails and scheduling the emails will become a tech headache and a game you can't seem to get ahead in.

You're trying to DIY and you are missing that accountability and strategy and input from others, its a lonely frustrating place to be in. All you wanted to do is check this project off your never ending to do list so you can move on!

The analysis paralysis it's causing is stressful and preventing you from doing what you are was good at, client stuff not the tech and marketing stuff !!!!

We created Content Creation Camp with YOU in mind because it was exactly what I was needing help with and back in 2009 I wish I had this exact opportunity to help me feel like I was having success and getting things done in my business!!

And right now, you can get come to Vancouver BC and let us help you get some S#*t Done so you can focus on what you do best and stop stressing about it.

August 2nd 10-5pm PST

Dinner Mastermind 6-8pm PST

August 3rd 10am -4pm PST

Vancouver BC

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Still struggling to achieve what you want when you could be spending time with the people you love instead?


Let us save you 100's of hours of frustration, tech headaches, and money on bad advice or toolss you don't need, we have all the stuff you need, templates, scripts, funnels and over 25 year experience combined online. Let us help you!!

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I came here with a laundry list of stuff to do and I am mind blown with all that we have done in such a short time. I am going home feeling accomplished, what an amazing weekend. I can't recommend it enough!

It was well worth the trip across the country!

- Linda Hunt

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Here's What You Get...

Two full days, Two Experts and Two Months Additional Support beyond the 2 days with myself (Visibility & Connection Expert) and Braden Ricketts (CEO of Amplifyou) and our over 25 years combined experience in Digital Marketing Strategy, Coaching, Copy Writing, Podcast Producing, Speaking and Expert Positioning, you get our attention time and support cranking out some amazing content and checking off your to do list!

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2 Content Creation Experts - Michelle Abraham & Braden Ricketts

Brother and Sister Duo you get Michelle Abraham (Visibility & Connection Expert) and Braden Ricketts (CEO of Amplifyou Podcasting Inc) We've served 100's of clients, gotten them amazing results and in a condensed amount of time.

2 Days in Person (16 hrs of time with us and small group of other Entrepreneurs)

Imagine sitting in a boardroom style meeting room with 4 other amazing entrepreneurs and 2 coaches and we are just hammering content out and helping you get stuff done, satisfaction and fufilment come to mind as we check things off your list.

2 Months Online Support Post Event (Weekly Thursdays 9am PST)

We don't say good bye on day two, let us keep supporting you and keeping you accountable for the next 60 days! Join other past Content Camp Members online each week.

This is Perfect for YOU if...

stressed business woman, pulling her hair out, yelling, screaming
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Businessman Workaholic Struggling with Pile of Paperwork
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You struggle with focus and every time you sit down to starting writing emails or creating copy your mind goes blank

You've tried everything to understand the tech and all the pieces that need to go together

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You wish that you could hit the EASY button and it be finally DONE!

I totally get it, been there too.

Let us save you TIME, TECH ISSUES & MONEY

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You'll Also Get These Bonuses

Instantly sent to your phone

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✓ 15 min Professional Interview in recording studio (Value $750)

We will interview you in a professional studio setting and you can use the interview on your podcast or for a sales page.


✓ Green Screen Photoshoot

(Value $250)

We are going to snap a ton of green screen photos for you of you strutting your stuff, we will send them instantly to you so you can get creative with them. Upload them to canva and remove the background and you have tons of cool photos to use for social media or sales pages!


✓ Evening Mastermind (Value $200)

Michelle & Braden will invite some cool other entrepreneurs from Vancouver to come and connect with us in an evening mastermind over dinner.

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✓ 30 Min Pre Camp Strategy Session with Michelle (Value $500)

When you show up one Day 1 you will have a plan of what we are going to accomplish, even if you don't know now what you want to work on that is what this call is for, clarity and a plan of attack!

That's well over $1700... FREE!

100% Secure Checkout. PayPal Available.

Let's break it all down.


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Content Creation Camp: 2 Days in Vancouver 2 Content Creation Experts Creating, Connecting, Contributing and building a Community of other heart centered entrepreneurs. (Value $3000)

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BONUS #1: 15 min Professional Interview in recording studio (Value $750)

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BONUS #2: Green Screen Photoshoot

(Value $250)

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BONUS #3: Evening Mastermind (Value $200) Relationships and Connections ....Priceless

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BONUS #4: 30 Min Pre Camp Strategy Session with Michelle (Value $500)

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BONUS #5: 2 Months of weekly post creation day support and accountability and a community of other members ($1000)

$5700 in Real Value

Get Yours Today for Only $750

100% Secure Checkout. PayPal Available.


What Our Clients Are Saying!

Abc's Secret Millionaire & Big Money Speaker

James MalinChak

Intuition Expert and Podcast Host Kate Hellmer

What Our Past Attendees Are Saying!

Accessibility Solutions Expert, City CounCillor and Podcast Host

LInda Hunt

So, will this work for me?

If you are a coach, author, speaker, podcaster, content creator of any sort this will work for you, even if you have a traditional business or a brick and motar business this will work for you. This will work for you as long as you have a business that needs to create digital assets like landing pages, opt in's , sales pages, email sequences, webinar follow ups, summit speaker outreach etc thesr are some examples of what we will be creating with you!

When exactly can I get started?

As soon as you pay you will get a calendar link to schedule your prep call with Michelle and access to our Thursday morning calls

What's Next?

Go ahead and hit the I'm in button and lets get started! You are welcome to come back again for a second time third time fouth time.... let keep getting S&*t done!!

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Get it ALL for Just $750 Today...WOW!

100% Secure Checkout. PayPal Available.

When do I get access ?

As soon as your payment goes through you will be sent a link to book your prep call to get all the info to book flights and hotel and a plan of attack for the 2 days.

How long do I have Support?

You have 90 days access to our weekly support calls and 12 months to come to one of the Content Creation Camps, we have a no refund policy but you can change dates or transfer it to someone else for up to 12 month from purchase with the exception of no changes with in 21 days of the event date you registered for.

What hotel should I stay at?

There are a few options, lots of Air BnB's close by and a few hotels we recommend both in Vancouver and in Coquitlam

What is the address of where we are for 2 days?

The studio is in the city of Coquitlam which is a suburb of Vancouver and 31 mins from Vancouver and 57 mins from the airport driving. Uber and Taxi available and skiytrain and Bus are also close. The exact address will be sent to you upon registration.

Will there be a Facebook group?

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How far from the Airport?

You have the option of flying into two different airports

Option A: YXX in Abbotsford (fewer options) 46 mins from Coquitlam Option B: YVR Vancouver International Airport (31 tmins to Downtown Vancouver & 57 mins from Coquitlam)

Join us in Vancouver Aug 2-3rd 2023

for Only $750

100% Secure Checkout. PayPal Available.

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